GIMP FX Foundry release for GIMP 2.6 is out

The release fixes any issues scripts had with GIMP 2.6 and also corrects a lot of deprecated syntax. One script was removed, because the functionality is now provided by GIMP.
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GIMP FX FoundryThird release is out-2008-03-23

This time theres the traditional LARGE pack and a web page for cherry picking the stuff you want:) The web docs can be found here:
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GIMP FX Foundry has released a new pack!-2007-12-19

This pack contains 90 scripts, roughly half from previous release, some of them updated or improved, and and half new fixed or improved or just collected scripts. Enjoy!
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Online docs and single download

You can also browse the scripts by several indexes and save a single script you want.

Fx foundry docs for 2.6 release

Fx foundry docs for 2.4 release Logo